British Classic Rallye


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Table of contents

1. Organization
1.1 Organizer
1.2 Rally Office
1.3 Officials

2. Description of the event
2.1 Distances
2.2 Number of competitors
2.3 Rules

3. Cars
3.1 Vehicle regulations
3.2 Measuring equipment
3.3 Changing a car
3.4 Switching driver - navigator
3.5 Teams in the car
3.6 Advertising on the car
3.7 Fixing the rally plates
3.8 Scrutineering

4. Entries
4.1 Entry form
4.2 Entry fee
4.3 Includes
4.4 Acceptance
4.5 Refund of the entry fee
4.6 Confirmation

5. Running of the event
5.1 Notice Board
5.2 Bulletins
5.3 Schedule
5.4 Document requirement
5.5 Briefing
5.6 Start procedure - start parc
5.7 Restart second leg
5.8 Finish
5.9 Award ceremony

6. Driving instructions
6.1 Organizer Time
6.2 Traffic regulations
6.3 Failure to finish first leg – restart
6.4 Route closures diversions
6.5 Environmental rules
6.6 Service vehicles
6.7 Unsporting behavior
6.8 Speed checks

7. The task
7.1 Road book
7.2 Control cards
7.3 Manned route passage controls (DK)
7.4 Unmanned route passage controls (DK)
7.5 Time controls (ZK)
7.6 Opening and closing of manned route passage controls
(DK) and time controls (ZK)

8. Special tests
8.1 Purpose at a special test

9. File an objection
9.1 Jury

10. Results
10.1 Winner

11. Disclaimer

1. Organization

1.1 Organizer
c/o Marcus Pieper
Hachmannstr. 22
33184 Altenbeken-Buke

1.2 Rally office
Up to September 07th 2023
Marcus Pieper
Hachmannstr. 22
33184 Altenbeken-Buke
Tel. +49 (0)171 6854228
E-Mail :

During the rally, the rally office will be located at the start- and finish
Gut Redingerhof
Renkerweg 1
33175 Bad Lippspringe

1.3 Officials
Chairman : Marcus Pieper
Clerk of the course : Wolf-Dieter Klemz
Results centre : Wolf-Dieter Klemz
Scrutineering : Marcus Pieper

2. Description of the event
The British Classic is a navigational rally open for british cars built before
1993. It is not a high-speed event, and you have to recognize the traffic
rules at any time.
There are two classes: Sport class (average speed 35km/h) and the
touring class (average speed 30 km/h)

2.1 Overall distance
The overall distance of the ideal rally route is about 250 km in the sporting
class and about 220 km for the touring cars divided in two legs.

2.2 Number of competitors
The number of competitors is restricted up to 60 teams

2.3 Rules of the event
- the german traffic rules ( STVO )
- the german rules for „cars on the road“ ( STVZO )
- rules of the local authorities
- rules of the organizer’s of the event

3. Cars

3.1 There are only british produced three- and fourwheelers permitted
which have to confirm with this regulations and the regulations in there
home countries.

3.2 Technical equipment, stop watches, measuring tools
Mechanical or electro mechanical measuring tools and electronic stop
watches are allowed. Laptops, navigation instruments or something like that
are prohibited.
Mobile phones are only allowed in case of emergency

3.3 Changing the car
If the car has to be changed, for what ever reason, the organizers have to be informed not later then 1 day before the rally.

3.4 Switching driver and navigator during the event
Driver and navigator are allowed to change the wheel at any time during the
event if they both own a valid drivers license.

3.5 Teams
A team consists of a car and at least 2 persons.
The co-driver needs to be at least 14 years old and, if younger than 18 years,
he or she has to show an assent of the parents.

3.6 Advertising
Too big decals or those causing offence on the car are not allowed. In doubt
the scrutineerer will decide together with the team.

3.7 Rally plates, competition numbers, and organizers advertisement
Each team gets two starting numbers for the doors (left and right) and two
rally plates which have to be fixed in the front and the back of the car
without overlapping the license plate.

3.8 Scrutineering
We may have a scrutineering

4. Entries

4.1 Entry form
Online on our Website

4.2 Entry fee
The entry fee is 180€ till 12th August 2023 for a team with two people and one car. It has to be paid
by Paypal on our website or
to the bank account of Marcus Pieper:
IBAN: DE 36 2501 0030 0449 8803 08
Please state the name of the driver.

4.3 The entry fee includes: Road book, rally plates and decals, lunch and
Dinner on September 09th for two persons and awards up to the sixth position
in each class.

4.4 Acceptance
By sending in the entry form the team accepts all the regulations of this

4.5 Refund of the entry fee
The entry fee will be refunded:
- in case of a refusal of a team by 100 %
- in case the event will be cancelled by 80%.

4.6 Confirmation
The confirmation of the entry will be send by e-mail after August 12th 2023

5. Running of the event (Implementing provisions)

5.1 Notice board
There is a notice board at the start park. All announcements, starting lists
and results as well as the bulletins will be published there.

5.2 Bulletins
Changes and additions will be announced by bulletins in numerical order. They
will be part of this regulations and will also be published on the notice board.

5.3 Schedule
All time schedules published before the event are provisional. The
final timetable will be announced on the official notice board.

5.4 Document requirement
The following valid documents must be submitted:
- Driver's license
- Vehicle documents
- Certificate of insurance (green card)
- Confirmation
- Assent of the parents if younger than 18 years
Vehicles registered in Germany must be insured with the legally required
minimum insurance sums. Vehicles registered in other countries must have
liability (3rd party) insurance cover of at least € 1,000,000. When submitting
the entry, the driver declares that the vehicle is sufficiently insured.
The after the acceptance of the complete required documentation the
organizer will issue the following : Rally plates, start numbers

5.5 Briefing
The briefing will be on Saturday after the official
Participation is obligatory.

5.6 Start procedure and start parc
15 min before the individual start time each team will get the road book at
the starters table.
Start by start number (ascending - lowest first). The vehicles will be started
in 1 minute intervals.
The respective start times of all teams will be announced on the official
notice board before the start of the first vehicle.
A so-called start parc is set up directly before the start time control (ZK1)
(see Road book). Teams must have joined the start parc in their respective
Positions at least 5 minutes before their allotted start time.
At the start, each team will be handed a board card with their respective
start time.

5.7 Restart second leg (after the lunch break)
The restart time will be communicated to the teams on arrival at the lunch
break time control.
The predefined restart times must be observed according to the rules of a
time control (see point 7.5).
At the restart time control ZK the actual start time will be recorded in the
new control card.

5.8 Finish
At the finish (ZK) we have penalty free earlyness.

5.9 Evening - Awards ceremony
The awards ceremony will take place at the evening after the event.
The awards are an integral part of the event.

6. Driving instructions

6.1 Organizer time
Only the "Organizer time - Official clock" is valid during the event.
An official clock can be viewed at the time controls (ZK).

6.2 Traffic regulations
By submitting the nomination, all drivers undertake to comply with the
applicable road traffic regulations during the entire rally. In the event of
noncompliance, the organizer reserves the right to penalize the participant
according to point 12 of the regulations or to exclude him completely from
the event.

6.3 Failure to finish first leg - Restart
If a team cannot finish the first leg it is possible to continue the rally at the beginning of the second leg. All unchecked controls and test results will be penalized according to the table set out in point 12.

6.4 Route closures diversions
In the case of a closed road, the participants follow the diversion signs until they
are back on the original route. If the organizer is informed in time of a road block
the changed route will be marked with directional arrows from the organizer’s. You have to follow them until one of these organizer signs points vertical to the ground. From this point onwards you have to find and drive the particular road that brings you to that point of the ideal road from where you can drive the most of the ideal road further on. In the case extended travel times due to such a diversion resulting impossibility of reaching controls (DK's) and/or time controls (ZK's) within the opening time specified in the Road book, the organizer will decide about a possible cancellation of the control and the related penalty points and inform the participants accordingly. Participants are always obligated to comply with the applicable road traffic regulations.

6.5 Environmental rules
Participants must ensure that parking spaces are not contaminated with oil,
gasoline or other liquids. Suitable materials for absorbing environmentally
hazardous substances should be carried by the teams, this includes oil
binding materials or tarpaulins (4x2m) which are to be used when the vehicle
is at a standstill and liquid loss is apparent.
In the case of repairs every precaution should be taken to ensure that the
environment is in no way contaminated, this applies particularly to ground
water contamination. Each participant is personally responsible.
For verified contamination of surfaces or environmental damage the
Individual responsible for causing the damage or the vehicle owner is liable.

6.6 Service vehicles
In order to ensure fair competition throughout the rally, no service or other
accompanying vehicles is allowed to use the rally route. (except in the case
of assistance for breakdowns)

6.7 Unsporting behavior
Participants who behave in an unsporting manner in relation to other road
users, other rally teams, spectators, passers-by and/or the organization team–
marshals and others - will be penalized at the discretion of the arbitral
If an official complaint is lodged with the organizer against a participant,
after reviewing the case, the arbitral tribunal may penalize the participant.
If the complaint was justified, additional penalties may be imposed up to
immediate exclusion from the event.

6.8 Speed checks
The organizer may make secret speed checks. In the event of speed
violations, the team will be penalized with penalty points.
In the case of speed measurements, the organizer will allow a tolerance of
10% to the permitted speed.
In the case of the measured speed exceeds 50% over the permitted speed, in
accordance with point 12 of the regulations, the team will be excluded from
the event.
Speed measurements made by the police or other authorities remain
Infringements, reported to the organizer by the authorities, will be dealt with
by arbitration. Additionally, participants will be penalized according to point
12 of the regulations without tolerance.

7. The task
Your task is to drive a rallye route, described in the road book, with all the rules of this regulations, the special regulations and the road book, in a given time (ideal driving time).

7.1 Road book
The road book will be issued 15 min prior to the start of a team at the starting
table. It contains the special rules, all the details of the route, the transit and
time controls as well as special tests.
The entire route is depicted by "Tulip diagrams" and map excerpts.
Distances are given both in kilometers and in miles.

7.2 Board cards (Control cards)
There are two board cards. One for the morning leg, one for the afternoon leg.
The respective board card will be handed to the teams at the appropriate time
control (ZK) by the timekeeping marshal. The names of the driver and the co-driver must be entered on the board card.
The allotted start times for each team are published on the notice board, or
given in case of the lunch break by a marshal. The actual start time is entered
on the board card by this timekeeping marshal (see 7.5).
The participant is obliged to check this time entry and, if incorrect, ensure
that it is corrected by the marshal.
The ideal driving time to the next time control (ZK) is indicated in the board
cards and should be added to the actual start time and entered in the
appropriate field on the board card by a team member. On the back of the board
card you have to place the route passage controls. (DK) (see7.3 and 7.4)
Any manipulation in the board card by the team will be penalized at the
discretion of the arbitration board. Board cards which are not collected at
midday and/or destination time controls cannot be considered for evaluation.
Accordingly, all previously completed controls (DK's) and time controls (ZK's)
will not be considered for evaluation.

7.3 Manned route passage controls (DK)
The manned route passage controls (DK's) are marked with a yellow and red
shield ( with a stamp symbol).
At these DK's the participant's passage is confirmed by a stamp in the board
card. The control can be approached without regard for the time, however, a
stamp can only be given within the time window specified in the Road Book.
The penalty for not visiting a DK is according to the table in item 12.

7.4 Unmanned route passage controls (DK)
Unmanned route passage controls (DK's) are orange signs with a black letter
or a stamp symbol. They are 30cm x 30cm in size always good visible fixed at
the right side of the ideal road.
The letters are to be entered in the appropriate boxes in the board card
clearly and legible with ball-point pens only continually from the top left to the
bottom right (without empty boxes) in the order in which they are visited.
At DK's with a stamp symbol sign the board card must be stamped in the next
free box (stamp and stamp pad are each under the respective sign).
Subsequent changes in the board card are forbidden. Apparent changes to the
respective DK entries will be evaluated as penalty points.
Unmanned DK's are possible at any time along the entire route. They are not
shown in the Road book. However there are no route passage controls placed in areas marked with a circle.

7.5 Time controls (ZK)
Time control tables are marked with a clock symbol on a red sign, after a
yellow sign. The actual time will be written on the control card by a marshal
in the moment the control card is given to him.
The ideal driving time from time control to time control is shown in the control
card. The individual times – when to reach the time controls – have to be
calculated by the teams. (see 7.2) If too late at a time control (ZK) you will get
penalty points (see12.) and you have to calculate from now onwards with your
“too late time” up to the next time control. And further on you participate
with this new ideal driving time.

7.6 Opening and closing of route passage controls (DK) and time controls (ZK)
The manned route passage controls (DK) and the time controls (ZK) will be
opened 15 min. prior to the scheduled time of the first competitor and will be
closed 45 min. after the scheduled time of the last competitor. Each team has
to reach the controls during this time window otherwise it will penalized with
the maximum of penalty points for this control.

8. Special stages
There are special stages during the event. You will find all the information you need for this in the road book and if necessary they are given to you by a marshal prior your start of the particular special stage.
Opening times of the special stages: 15 min prior to the scheduled time of the
first car to 45 min after the scheduled time of the last car.

8.1 Purpose at the special stage
Matching a given time on this course as exactly as possible. (regularity)

9. File an objection
To file an objection against the time keeping is not possible. In all other
cases we provide a special page in the road book were you can write your
protest on. Please give it to the organizers not later than 30 min after your
arrival at the finish.

9.1 Jury
After the event, a jury will decide about protests.
In doubt, the german text of this regulation is binding.

10. Results
The results will be published as soon as possible on the notice board

10.1 Winner
Winner of each class is the team with the lowest amount of penalty points.

10.2 Ex eques
In the case of equality the team with the better result on the special stage
will be in front. If there is, still equality the oldest car is the winner.

11. Disclaimer
See for disclaimer the website

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12. Penalty Points

Special stage


Deviate from the given time per 10 second



5 Points



Knock over a pylon



1 point - max. 10 Points



Driving around a pylon in the wrong direction



1 point - max. 10 Points



Not correct driving a special stage



30 Points



Not driving a special stage



100 Points



Max. penalty points



100 Points


Time Control


Too late per minute



2 Points



Too early per minute



5 Points



More than 45 Minutes too late



100 Points



Max. penalty points



100 Points


Route passage control


Missing a route control



5 Points



Missing a manned route control



5 Points


Other reasons for penaltiers


see german text